After being in corporate marketing for over a decade, I knew I wanted to branch out and try to fuse my experience with marketing communications and strategy with creative passions. I wanted to help lead and educate other marketing and creative professionals looking to realign their purpose and strategy to lead to impactful results. For a long time I was frustrated because...

  1. I felt misaligned with my everyday tasks and purpose 
  2. Confused and curious about what my true passions were and how my experience could support them
  3. Disorganized and stuck without a foundation or direction for my projects

Only after I slowed down, defined my passions, and organized my strategy did I find a resurfacing purpose for supporting people with creative and strategic actions to achieve impactful results.

Whether it's to start a running routine, learn how to do basic homesteading and photography, grow your business with effective strategies, or just to have your photos taken to express your passions, I am here to serve you so you can confidently and joyfully serve others! 

i'm maxann.

creative professional & portrait photographer

experienced corporate marketer...


with purpose

Growing up, my mom was an itinerate teacher for the Deaf and hard of hearing. My dad was a horse farmer. My family meant the world to me and I was constantly inspired by their determination to work hard and make a living by serving other people and animals. My mom always encouraged me to pursue my creativity, especially through writing. I DID win a state-wide poetry contest in the 2nd grade, after all!

Fast forward several years, I earned my BA in Communications and Marketing and went on to learn the tricks of the trade in many different positions ranging from within the non-profit world to healthcare.

In 2010, my whole world came to a screeching halt when my mom was diagnosed with a rare disease, MELAS, which has since cause multiple strokes and stolen over 85% of her hearing. I was determined to be able to communicate with her in her second language (Sign Language), so I decided to go back to school to get my BS degree in ASL Interpretation.

I developed a passion for accessibility and advocate for ethical accessibility practices in businesses large and small.

Also growing up a farmer's daughter, I saw first hand how important it is to care for the land and animals we share this earth with. My dad and his green thumb always kept a fruitful garden and he cared for his land to ensure it would produce abundant crops for the animals on the farm as well as for our family.

After years of hard labor (and the increasing pressure of urban sprawl) my dad retired from farming and we watch now as his last year of crops are harvested before construction begins. Houses are soon going up side by side on our family's land, cared for and kept for over three generations.

I'm passionate about supporting farmers and practicing sustainable agriculture.

Mix this with several years of learning to hunt from my amazing husband and the importance of earning the meat we keep in our fridge, I have found a deep interest in ethical meat consumption and the importance of understanding where our food comes from. I believe we should all know how everything we consume gets from its natural state to our plate.

my story

I'm here to help you make big things happen for your life and the life of others 

The mission behind MKC is to shine light on the importance of having a passion and a purpose behind your life. Knowing your "why" and striving to make an impact on the world through your everyday. 

My vision is to become a sought after resource and collaborator for people and brands with passions, big and small. I hope to work together through marketing strategy, photography, and story telling to bring you closer to achieving your purpose.

A person without passion is a person without purpose.

My hope is that by working together, we eliminate any confusion as to what your purpose and passions are. We will find clarity in your messaging and help to build your brand into the change-making business you've always hoped for.

I created MK Creative to serve my community, starting with some of the most passionate people on the planet...

and that's how we got here


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Virginia, USA


A little more about me...

I am a former collegiate heptathlete, current distance runner, and forever old fashion donut fanatic. I live in Virginia with my husband, a former US Marine and current hunter of wild game and outdoor adventures. We like to explore new places with our Vizsla pup, Frasier Crane, and advocate for eating local and whole, conservation, and getting outside. I love writing poetry, waking up before the sun, and finding new and exciting creative outlets to connect and serve other passionate people out there! Is that you? Let's grab breakfast and be friends!

PHOTOGRAPHER, Marketing Professional &
90's music AFICIONADO

the founder

Maxann (Keller) Lockard 

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